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How it works? 
Once you access the reservation form, you will have to choose the start date and extra services you need. Once the availability of refuges and services has been verified, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the passport payment page.

The passport includes:

  • Map and full deatails of The Route of the Refuges.
  • “Briefing ” of the Route. At LoRefugi, we will give you an explanation of all the things that must be taken into account before going into this great adventure and clarify all the doubts that you may have.
  • Gift from the official bottle of La Ruta dels Refugis and totebag #somdemontsant #somelmontsant
  • Management of reservations and stays in all refuges:
    • Stay at LoRefugi de Cornudella de Montsant: Dinner Menu (2 courses + desserts) and sleep
    • Stay at the refuge of LaMussara : Dinner Menu (2 courses + desserts), sleep and breakfast
    • Stay at the refuge of Mont-ral: Dinner Menu (2 courses + desserts), sleep and breakfast
    • Stay at refuge Camping PradesPark : Dinner Menu (2 courses + desserts), sleep and breakfast 

– It does NOT include insurance, in case of not being federated, if you want, we can arrange one.

– € 165/person

In addition we have a series of complementary services to round off the route: 
– Individual accident insurance. It is a mandatory requirement to cover the activity  
– GPS rental (GarminDakota20, with the maps and tracks of the 4 stages)  
– 4×4 taxi service. You can arrange the same LoRefugi or call 655.80.58.49  




Mountain sports are potentially dangerous. We recommend taking precautions when practicing them and we are not responsible for the possible accidents that people may have while exercising them influenced by the content of our page.

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