The possibilities of doing this itinerary are very extensive. The route, divided into four consecutive stages, offers different versions according to the convenience of the visitor.

It can be done consecutively over 4 days, where you will spend each night in a different albergue: LoRefugi, La Mussara, Mont-Ral and Prades Park.


STAGE 1: Cornudella de Montsant – La Mussara.

Distance: 22km (13.7 miles)
Maximum height reached: 991m Minimum height: 466m Total height gain: 1047m

This is the longest stage on the Ruta dels Refugis. Even so, the locations are spectacular and the views wonderful. First, we will ascend to the village of Siurana located at 706m. Afterwards we will go down to the Siurana river and follow it upstream through the refreshing Gorges, and arriving at the abandoned village of Gallicant. We will pass through the old military base of Castillejos, also abandoned. Hiking along the Mas d’en Rei trail to the foot of the Mussara Ridge gives us time to ease the legs before facing the last climb to the abandoned village, just a short distance from the albergue.

STAGE 2: La Mussara – Mont-ral

Distance: 20km (12.4 miles)
Maximum height reached: 967m Minimum height: 307m Total height gain: 1023m

This stage takes us through the forested zones of our mountains, passing springs and streams. Once wide awake we will start the descent from Mussara through Les Tosques. Wandering along small footpaths and arriving at Font Major and l’Albiol. Once we pass through these two key points of the route, we will follow two valleys, that of the Albiol river on the way down and that of the Glorieta river on the way up. Along this ascent we will come across the Niu de l’Aliga before arriving at the albergue of Mont-Ral.

STAGE 3: Mont-ral – Prades

Distance: 22km (13.7 miles)
Maximum height reached: 1198m Minimum height: 704m Total height gain: 1034m

Located in the northern part of ​​the region, here is where we will discover the highest areas. From Mont-ral we will go up the Foradada until we find the Pont de Goi bridge. Now we will go down the Font de la Llúdriga to the village of Capafonts, a point located half way through the third stage. From here, we will climb the winding paths through the enchanted forests to the hermitage of the Abellera and continue the ascent to the Tossal de la Baltasana, located at 1023m. Once captivated by the fantastic views, we will descend towards Prades, where a few minutes from the centre we find the Albergue at Camping Prades Park.

STAGE 4: Prades – Cornudella de Montsant.

Distance: 20km (12.4 miles)
Maximum height reached: 1134m Minimum height: 525m Total height gain: 608m

The last of the stages is the most westerly. We will cross the Serra de Montsant Natural Park. The footpath goes up to Pla de la guardia, where we will once again enjoy spectacular views. On a flatter path we will reach the Grau d’en Saura, from where we will continue until we reach the Mas d’En Lluc and then ascend the valley to the small village of Albarca. When we leave the village behind, we begin the final stretch, following the historic Camí dels Cartoixans, from Sant Joan Petit until we reach LoRefugi, the end point of the Ruta dels Refugi.

Mountain sports are potentially dangerous. We recommend taking the necessay precautions to ensure your personal safety and we cannot be held responsible for possible accidents that people may have while practicing them, influenced by the content of this website.

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